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  • Events and Information for the U.S. Formation Championships

    The United States National Formation Championships will be held on March 12 & 13, 2021 at American Fork High School. There will be several associated couple events as well. Please see the announcement below from the organizers:

    “We are excited to be hosting the United States National Formation Championships this year in American Fork Utah. In addition to the United States Championships we will also be offering Syllabus, Preteen, Junior, Youth and Amateur events in all styles. You can check our website to find additional information about this event at www.byudancesport.com.

    Your Organizers,

    Lee and Linda Wakefield”

    Entries are due by Monday, February 15, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.

    Here are links to important information at the event website:

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    Utah DanceSport Challenge Registration Open

    Registration for the Utah DanceSport Challenge on February 6, 2021 is now available!

    The competition will be in a new location: American Fork High School. The event will be held with 2 ballrooms to have ample space and more events offered. Masks will be required for anyone that will be in the ballroom. However, dancers will NOT need to wear a mask while dancing.

    Registration is due by January 21. Important links are below:

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    Premier Comp Updates: Schedule, Tickets, Entries, Video

    Below are several updates for the Premier Winter Festival competition this Saturday:


    The tentative schedule for the competition is now available. You can view it here:


    Additional tickets are available for Sessions 1 and 3! You can purchase additional tickets here:

    Entries Lists

    Entries lists for all 3 Sessions are available for

    Read the rest of “Premier Comp Updates: Schedule, Tickets, Entries, Video” »

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    Premier Winter Festival Due Date, Chaperones, Video Streaming

    The entry due date for the Premier Winter Festival, held on January 9, 2021, has been extended to January 4, 2021. There are a few other updates for the syllabus competition:

    • Due date for entries is January 4, 2021
    • Junior couples may now have a 2nd chaperone/guest in Session 2
    • Video streaming will be available for those unable to attend in person. Details available soon at the competition information page.

    Competition information and registration are available at Register4Comps here. For any questions, contact premierballroomacademy@gmail.com.

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    Provo Comp Registration

    Registration is open for team events for the Provo High Dancesport Festival on January 29, 2021. Please see the announcement below from Provo High Ballroom:

    “Registration is now open for the team events. Please read all instructions thoroughly, as this year will be uniquely different from past years. We look forward to seeing your videos!”

    More information at the event website here.

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    Premier Winter Festival Syllabus Competition Jan 9

    Please see the information below about the Premier Winter Festival Syllabus competition to be held in Layton on January 9, 2021.

    “Premier Ballroom Academy invites all to participate in the Premier Winter Festival on January 9th, 2021, at HighMark Charter School in South Weber. A Syllabus competition for Elementary, Junior High, and High School aged competitors will be held between 8 am – 2 pm, and we will present our Premier Winter Concert in late afternoon to evening hours. We are thrilled to offer 8 syllabus events for each age category!

    Due to COVID-19 regulations we are limiting parent/chaperones who can attend in person, and spots in the Syllabus Competition are limited. Some important information about the competition:

    Online registration is now open here:

    We are working to have a live video stream of the event similar to other recent local competitions, for those who cannot attend in person. A full schedule of events for the Syllabus Competition will be posted on Monday January 4th.

    We are excited to offer a valuable competitive experience in support of Syllabus dancers.


    Premier Ballroom Academy

    Krista Derington, Director
    Elaine Grenko, Premier Winter Festival Competition Chair”

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    Teaching Position at Lincoln Academy

    Please see the information below about a teaching position available immediately at Lincoln Academy Charter School:

    “2021 Ballroom teacher need immediately! Great position!

    Lincoln Academy Junior High Charter School is in need of an instructor for their ballroom classes on A days two times a week. The classes run from 8:11-8:48 am and 12:11-12:48 pm on A days. The salary is around $3500 for the semester.

    The calendar with A/B days can be found here: http://www.lincoln-academy.org/calendar/

    If you are interested, please contact Jake Hunt at hunt@lincoln-academy.org.”

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    Provo High Medley Clarification

    Please see the clarifications below regarding medley categories at the Provo High Dancesport Festival January 29 & 30, 2021.

    “A clarification: Medleys will be competed in their own separate event. Like the Single-shot Event, medleys will need to be filmed all in one take. There should be no special lights or effects or unique settings. Record in a gym or dance room from far enough back that judges can see formations and technique as clearly as possible. Up to 4 minutes of dancing will be judged with an extra 45 seconds allowed for the medley’s introduction and the required slide/list of dancers detailed in the previous update (so no mp4 file should exceed 4:45). As there is no need for teams to come on/off the floor, we ask that you not include a walk on or walk off in the video. All other customary NDCA regulations on formation dancing, costuming, etc. apply.

    Each company will be allowed to submit one medley in the Latin/Rhythm category and one medley in the Ballroom/Smooth. This will have no impact on the other events. That means that each company may submit a maximum of six videos: two for the Single-shot Event, two for the Music-video Event, and two for the Formation event.”

    For any questions, contact davide@provo.edu.

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    Nationals Update: Individual Titles in Florida in Sept, Team Titles in Utah in March

    Please see this announcement from BYU Ballroom and American Ballroom Company regarding Nationals this year:

    “The Brigham Young University Ballroom Dance Program and American Ballroom Company are pleased to announce that for the 50th Anniversary of the United States National Dance Championships all U.S. National Amateur Championship titles, with the exception of the National Formation Championships, will be held in Orlando, Florida. The Amateur Championships will be held September 9-11, 2021 in a separate ballroom in the Dolphin Hotel, immediately adjacent to the ballroom where the Pro/Am and Professional events will be held for the United States Dance Championships (USDC).

    It is anticipated that the National Amateur Championships will return to Provo in March of 2022, where they have been held for many years.

    The 2021 U.S. National Youth, Junior, and Pre-Teen Formation Championships will be held in Utah in March of 2021. The Adult National Formation Championships will be held in Costa Mesa, California in September of 2021 as part of the Embassy Ballroom Championships.”

    Please refer to the Championships website for more information about dates, events, and other answers to popular questions.

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    Provo Comp Update

    Please see the following information from Provo High Ballroom regarding the Provo High DanceSport Festival on January 29 & 30, 2021.


    As I’m sure you are all aware, this is quite an interesting year to be working in the ballroom world. We are still trying to finalize details with the district to be able to run the 2021 Provo High School DanceSport Festival on January 29-30 in a way that allows our students to be able to compete while keeping our dancers and their families safe. More details will be announced later, but I wanted to inform you what we are planning for group events so you would have time to prepare.

    We would like to try something new. We will be holding a video competition in

    Read the rest of “Provo Comp Update” »

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